Technology & product range

We offer complex, integrated solution for measurement, monitoring, collecting and evaluation of data from all kinds of sensors and utility meters.

  • impulse output reading
  • Direct inline metering
  • Self-installation package
  • Impulse reading of a meter
  • For gas meters with interface for remote data readout
  • Self-installation package
  • Impulse reading of a meter
  • For water meters with interface for remote data readout
  • Self-installation package
  • Easy check of temperature
  • Indoor radio version
  • Battery power supply
  • Without display

Classic gateway

This device forwards on-site measured data into our cloud server infrastructure.

Reliable entry device for collecting data and their relay into cloud servers with simple local control. It’s advantage is simplicity, price and possibility of additional extensions - several direct interfaces.

- EMentAll 3.0 proprietary FW
- segment black & white display
- Up to 30 radio channels, Chirp protocol (433 MHz)
- 110 mm x 25 mm (100 mm including antenna) x 75 mm
- RJ-45 10/100 Mb/s, RS-232
- Thread/MQTT ready IoT gateway

Cloud analytic

Energomonitor processes the measured data from sensors in the own cloud infrastructure and through web or mobile application show the data & information to the customers. Wide range of data could be used to analyse, optimize and optionally to do a power management of individual utilities.

Real time analysis
  • real time data processing
  • unexpected events alert
  • immediately accessible charts
  • for all measured utilities
  • unlimited history
  • comparison of selected time periods with history

Client application

Energomonitor allows clear display of measured values, detailed analysis and browsing history on all customer accounts, conveniently from your web browser. For immediate overview and fast preview of measured data or use the display screen base unit or energomonitor mobile application.

Quel gateway
External monitor
(coming later this year)
mobilní aplikace
Mobile app
(Android, iOS | coming soon)