User friendly portal

Smart metering is often mistaken with remote readout of utility meters, but is this really the essential advantage? We don’t think so.

Users are not familiar with energy consumption, they don’t understand energy units and bills. How to explain difficult concepts of technical field in simple terms? How to give users feeling of control and understanding?


  • We process incoming data in real time, we don’t only present history, but we can also trigger user defined alerts. All the data are accessible immediately.
  • We use longer history for insights into measured data, which are not obvious at first glance.
  • We compare customers anonymously in peer groups to give relevant comparison of their consumption and motivation for improvement.
  • We encourage users to reduce their utility consumption via alerts, reports and games.


Highly functional solution

We offer integrated and complex system for utility metering and monitoring including readout of old as well as modern utility meters. We measure various physical quantities, provide remote control, data collection and processing via cloud data cluster. We take care of sophisticated data presentation and visualisations.

Cost efficient solution

Reason why our prices are much accessible

  • usage of existing utility meters
  • usage of existing internet connection reduces costs for 3G
  • no vendor lock-in
  • support of IT standards, interoperability

What we added

  • customer web portal and mobile application - Try out demo
  • real time processing - alerts about immediate concerns
  • personalised recommendations, advice and reporting
  • we have identified missing key features for non-professional end users and developed solution to deliver these features
  • we got rid of dispensable components which only increased complexity and costs

Advantages of our solution
Whole market profits from implementation of energomonitor. From energy retailers, who get loyal customer, across to utility partners, who can offer wide range of new services using the data, to end users, who save. What are the key advantages of energomonitor in brief?

Utility distributors
  • real time monitoring and prediction of energy demand
  • support for active demand management
  • connection with internal systems of automatic data processing

Utility retailers
  • increase of customer loyalty and retention
  • improvement of brand perception
  • overlap to other utilities
  • detailed knowledge of customers
  • marketing campaigns and differentiation

Partners and third parties
  • extension of offered services to remote control and analysis
  • chance to offer services with detailed knowledge of energy profile
  • added value for user portals

End users
  • insight into consumption and expenses
  • energy savings
  • remote household or company monitoring
  • possibility of lower prices in exchange for demand management
  • consultancy, analysis, support