What we bring to our customers

We offer complete solution for reading and evaluation of energy and utilities consumption, using old as well as new meters.

When it comes to money, you probably know how much you have on your bank account. How about your energy expenses? We bet you hardly know how much electricity or gas you consume. You are not the only one who deals with that problem. It's not easy to understand invoices and statements from suppliers; it's even harder if you try to make out how to reduce your consumption and lower your bills. In most cases, people come up with solutions, which are actually the least effective, such as switching off the lights or buying an energy saving fridge.

Of course, you can do that too, but don’t expect any big changes from it. If you aren't educated in the field of electro engineering, you don't have much choice here, you need to take advice and get some extra knowledge in this matter. Energomonitor would be honoured to be your guide and teacher. We can help you with detailed mapping of your electricity and gas usage and expenses. In case they are excessive, we will suggest how to slash your expenses and make your consumption more effective.

You will find out that you don't really need to consume that much electricity and/or you could consume some of it on a cheaper tariff. You will reveal, how many devices are plugged in on a wrong tariff (we've seen so many boilers working on a high tariff!) and how much it actually costs to turn on a dishwasher, a washing machine etc.

Why does it pay off to use energomonitor?
  • real-time tracking of your energy consumption
  • positive psychological effect - you know how much you spend and save on using your home appliances
  • warning about unusual situations, such as excessive consumption
  • problem and inefficiency detection, on a current and retroactive basis
  • regulated operation of home appliances that are switched on at a given time
  • first step for important decisions, such as change of the supplier, weatherization of the building or other cost-saving solutions

The main principle we follow in energomonitor, when it comes to saving, is that it should not have a negative impact on user comfort and that there is no need to change user's habits.

Residential customers

Households can also save money for energy consumption.

Residential customers

Energomonitor is suitable for large apartments and family houses using electrical energy, where the annual electricity consumption exceeds 750 EUR per year. The payback period for smaller apartments with central heating system is too long. As for block of flats, energomonitor is only worth installing for the purpose of remotely tracking energy consumption, or in the case all flats are equipped with energomonitor devices, which would lower acquisition and installation costs per unit.

In case you use gas in your household, additional gas consumption measuring will be a good choice, thanks to its low price as a complementary services.

What is the main advantage of energomonitor services? In several words, you will understand your consumption and be able to lower it in a very effective way. Energomonitor helps households track excessive consumption and switch it to the cheaper tariff. It helps trace unnecessary consumption, which is very common, in our opinion and according to our experience, and makes the first step towards important investment decisions, such as replacing existing lights with energy saving bulbs or lamps, weatherization of the building, change of water heating system etc. Measuring water consumption, due to its low price, has a very low rate of return. It is recommended only if you want to keep the track.

Business customers

Small shops, store chains or manufacturing plants, we can help everywhere.

Business customers

Electricity is the most commonly used source of energy in shops, offices, manufacturing plants, and accordingly the main and most reliable source of information about their operating costs. With energomonitor, you can easily track electricity consumption by means of a dashboard that could be installed at the reception or in the office of head managers. The dashboard provides a real-time overview of energy consumed in the plant.

When it comes to the manufacturing process, energomonitor is used for tracking the operation of particular devices and their optimum utilization. How? It depends on the particular plant. It is easy to count then, where, in what circumstances and in what intervals will it pay off to switch off machines or devices, and to control, if they are optimally utilized in terms of manufacturing resources and propellants.

This optimization involves energy saving.

Universal kits are not available for manufacturing plants. They are sufficient for general overview but when it comes to larger plants, it will turn out as the time goes, which devices or plant divisions are more appropriate to be tracked individually. We would be happy to help you decide, which type of tracking to choose. Feel free to contact us.

Speaking of manufacturing plants, please note that energomonitor limits are 300A per one phase, which makes 66 kW.

Utility & partners

If you need to implement to your own product reading and evaluation of energy consumption, we're ready.

Utility & partners

Energomonitor is a great device that could be used for business and marketing, as well as technological purposes. Thanks to the fact that we control the whole device ecosystem, it is possible to make necessary adjustments in hardware, as well as in web application, according to your individual needs.

For utility companies - suppliers and resellers
  • the design of your website can be reworked and adjusted to our corporate visual identity
  • increase awareness and loyalty of your customers; energomonitor devices can be supplied and installed in exchange for using them as a marketing tool that will make the your services more attractive
  • real-time consumption tracking, in one or more in-company distribution networks
  • be forthcoming and meet your customers' needs: connect and meter more utilities, such as water or gas
  • connect to existing "dumb" and "smart" billing meters
  • create your own smart infrastructure
  • reach your existing and new customers with an offer of energy saving before they start looking for a new supplier
For telecommunication companies
  • leverage your services by adding energy consumption tracking
  • energomonitor tools can be a part of the ISP’s portal
  • is that quadruple play enough for you?
  • For builders and developers, electric installation suppliers and consulting firms
  • consultation in the field of optimization and energy saving, based upon real data
  • long-run tracking and assessment of energy consumption, extra customer service
  • interconnected remote data collection
Technology application

Integrate consumption metering to your hardware, such as home automation or sensor kit, just wherever consumption measuring would be an advantage track and remotely control all electric appliances in a household.

How to use measured data
  • transfer, take action in real-time and lower your consumption
  • pre-process and analyse
  • collect the data from hardware distributed in companies and households via our receivers
Is there an option of integrating your own sensor?

Sure! We are able to design, build and integrate any sensor, as a part of the Energomonitor kit, or separately.