Application overview

Your spending data visualised

Manage your spending and consumption data at one place.
Get tips how to save money. Get sneak peak to our web application. Try live DEMO

Current values

Get immediate overview of consumption and situation of monitored place. Anytime, from anywhere.

Actual consumption
Compare periods

Illustrative comparison of energy consumption for selected time period allows you to find out if your money saving measures are effective. In detailed view you can go into deeper details.

And get big picture from heatmap

When do you have the highest energy consumption. Do major appliances start working in appropriate time periods? Heatmap view with comprehensive visualization of weekly consumption will give you answers to questions like these.

Or read a story from the detailed charts

This is how detailed charts of daily utility consumption look like. In real time you can see when and how much energy was consumed and you can make a comparison with similar places. We help you read these by interactive features.

Illustrative metrics

We explain complex stuff by simple way. For example what is consumption of permanently connected appliances. We compare and give useful feedback.

Position graph
We improve and add new forms of analysis all the time

Energomonitor works in cloud so it’s easy for us to add new features into system with immediate effect for all existing users. Step by step we add features and improve energomonitor with feedback from our users.