Smart metering and monitoring


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Time to offer advanced metering with added value ~ energomonitor


End user focused, affordable solution for advanced metering and utility monitoring.

Explore the benefits

Fully integrated system of hardware and software developed with passion.

Meet the technology

Comprehensible charts and dashboards, real time processing for energy efficiency.

How it works?





Utility consumption cannot be under control without detailed measurement. Our technology allows to use old fashioned utility meters as well as modern meters with data interface.




Cloud data collection and analytic

We securely collect sensor data, process and store them safely online to allow user access from anywhere. Advanced analytic is used for data processing and presentation. The design is scalable for most demanding deployments.




Information at your fingertips

It’s up to user how he wants to view his data. Whether through his computer, through responsive mobile version or through dedicated mobile app. Regular summaries can be sent via e-mail or SMS. Alerts are delivered in real time.